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Photo- John talks @TEDxUCSD about the documentary film “Like We Don’t Exist” in University of California in San Diego, USA. 2018.


An ethnic Kayan born in war-torn land Myanmar. Educated in Rangsit International College, Bangkok. 

Living through times, capturing the wisdoms of people and imagination has always been a rewarding experiences in my life especially to the communities I served.

It all started ever since I got a smartphone of my own 8 years ago. I love it. I love the fact that how the evolution of the story telling has captivated me throughout my life. 

A highly motivated and passionate filmmaker, communication artist with a strong commitment to creating impactful visual content. Seeking opportunities to utilize my skills and experience to contribute to socially relevant projects and promote positive change.

A photojournalist focuses on Humanity and a documentarist that celebrates Life. Call me John.

For inquiry and collaborations : +66 81 567 5140

In action: John documenting the humanitarian works of UNHCR and partners in Lashio, Myanmar, 2022. 

In the field: John exploring the beauty of nature and how we are reliant to it in Myanmar, 2018.